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Watermelon City

What happens when the Natural Fuel / Petroleum runs out?

The project envisions a city full of watermelons and community who harvests sugar to replace petroleum and everything else. 

The testing ground was set at future CBD expansion of Melbourne, The Fishermans Bend. 300 storeys high towers were proposed for the new city built of scaffolding-like structure and planned in the pattern of “Hoodle Grid” in reference to the current Melbourne CBD.

Each future residents were encouraged and allocated of a vertical allotment for the plantation of watermelons.

In this city, sugar is the new currency. Water bodies and waterfront which used to filled with luxury yacht and ferries are now used to stored watermelons.


The city is full of the sweetness of watermelon sugar.

Project Year      

Project Type








Thesis (with Prof. CJ Lim)


Melbourne, Australia

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