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Pavilions are often designed as an internalised shelter for inhabitants, segregating it from its surroundings.


For the design of a temporary pavilion in Hong Kong in West Kowloon Park, we challenged this long-standing typology through designing a movable and rotatable hub, creating an externalise condition that engages to its surroundings, promoting social activities that expand beyond its boundaries.


Similar to the famous local example of a Dai Pai Dong which serves as a core hosting different functions around its multiple faces, the hub as a facilitator is formed by four different wall interfaces, promoting diverse types of events all under one roof at the same time. 


Drape ceiling made of pleated synthetic fabric reacts to the spaces formed underneath through the shifting of the hub. Its sculptural transformation of different heights, stretch and twists shape different forms of the pavilion, hence a visit to the pavilion is never similar.

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West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

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