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The Invisible City

In Victoria, Australia, the identity of suburbs are ill-defined due to the use of common materials and building typologies. To create identities in on a scale of a state, we proposed smell as a placemaking tool to form territories.

With each suburb represented by native flowering plants. Smell is harvested from a proposed flower belt that runs between the urban and green wedges of Victoria in a loop, serving as an infrastructure connecting rural suburbs divided by highways and rivers.

Once a year, the invisible city emerges when floral water extracted from the flowers would be released from the backyard at the same time. People would gather to celebrate this glorious urban phenomenon when the entire city is filled with an identical smell.

In an event of a bush fire, the flower belt sacrifices itself as a firebreak, creating a ring of fire to protect the city.

Project Year      

Project Type










Thesis (with Prof. CJ Lim)



  • International Architecture Thesis Award (Honourable Mention), 2013

  • Australia National Colourbond Steel Award (Top 10 Finalist), 2014

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