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Floating Cities

The population of Victoria experiences a wide influx of population throughout the year, month and day. With its suburbs thinly spread in a broken loop across the large area of Port Phillip Bay, investment on quality (and quantity) social infrastructures are complicated to plan due to the particular residents it would serve.


Given the close proximity of all suburbs to the water, we propose the future of Victoria’s infrastructure be built on water and shipped to the people whenever required. New cities would pop up instantly along with the waterfront stations, supporting and transforming the entire suburb.


With all float-in infrastructure berthed together in Docklands, a temporary city emerges; creating a juxtaposition of different programs coming together to form a creation of new experiences and exuberance.

Project Year      

Project Type










Academic Thesis


Melbourne, Australia

  • Australia Institute of Architects Graduate Prize

  • IS Arch Peter Cook Award 2014 (3rd Runner-up), 2014

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