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Clip House

The family has outgrown the current developer-built house that came before them. Spaces are not well-utilized with the lack of spatial organization is causing frustration. Versify was tasked to help improve the use of the first two floors used mainly for functions outside resting and to introduce new functions for entertaining guests and back-of-house spaces.

Through a series of careful adjustments to help improve and enlargement of current spaces. However, it lacked a sense of cohesion like a patchwork of fabric that performs but does not impress.

We introduced the idea of a ‘clip’ that would unify the series of patchwork introduced and provide a new identity. The clip performs as a space organizer that connects all spaces visually while extending out as a roof to provide shading to the harsh tropical climate. This enables larger functions to take place beyond the interiors of the house with a welcoming experience for great parties.

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